About sherinaspeaks

You might be wondering, “Who is Sherina”, or “Why is she speaking?!”

Two very good questions. Sherina is a Canadian student, author and blogger, and she is speaking because she has something to say. This blog is a collection of thoughts about Sherina’s perspective on the world – from issues of inequality and injustice, to current world news – and her views on her own life; from her love of writing to ponderings about happiness, freedom, and society.

Now you might be thinking, “So Sherina has something to say. Why should I listen?”

As a teenager, Sherina sees the world from a unique perspective. She has a positive attitude about the things that happen in her own life, but regards the world as a whole with a critical eye. She views every issue with different lenses to ensure she understands all sides of the story, and asks questions of herself and her readers that challenge traditional thoughts and ideas.

Join the sherinaspeaks community! Sherina would love to hear from you. 🙂

You can contact Sherina by leaving a comment on her blog or by emailing sherinaspeaks@gmail.com

101 thoughts on “About sherinaspeaks

  1. Hello! I really like your blog and have therefore nominated you for the versatile blogger award! Please check my blog for more details. Cheers 🙂

    1. Wow, thank you so much!! That is so kind 🙂 The link to your blog doesn’t seem to be working for me – it says the authors have deleted the site. Could you please provide another link?

  2. Hi Sherina,
    I’m visiting you for the first time today and I liked your way of writing.
    It will be great to see the world through your perspective and shos it through mine too:)
    Hope we connect!:)

  3. I really loved how you spoke in third person! Your blog is a lovely space and it is very refreshing. I’d love to explore some more. Thank you following my blog so I bumped across yours.

    All the love and luck.
    Aakansha. 🙂

  4. Day 4 of the daydreamer challenge :)https://theteendaydreamer.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/the-daydreamer-challenge-day-4-blogging-tips/

    1. Thanks for the nomination!! Unfortunately I have decided not to ‘accept’ awards anymore (as in make the posts about them) but I really appreciate the nomination 🙂

    1. Valerie, thank you so much! I really appreciate you nominating me 🙂 unfortunately I have chosen not to ‘accept’ blog awards anymore (and make the posts that accompany them) but I do really appreciate this.

    1. Hi Helen, thank you so much for the nomination! I really appreciate it 🙂 unfortunately I have chosen to not ‘accept’ awards anymore (write the posts that go along with them) but I really do appreciate your nomination. Congrats on being nominated yourself! 😀

  5. Hey Sherina! listen, there was something wrong with my blog these past few days, could you check if you are able to view the blog and the posts?

      1. That’s okay! I am still following you because I think while you changed your title and theme and such, your blog following stayed the same (if that makes sense?) 🙂

      2. Are you sure? Because some of my other followers weren’t able to view the blog until they followed the one with the new url.

  6. I see you are a very popular and much celebrated blogger. Well-deserved I say. Continue to be a shining example to other teenagers and keep up the excellent work!

  7. Hey Sherina!! I really love your blog and your posts are amazing(I’m sorry I didn’t read all of them… I’m still reading 🙂 ) but whatever I read till now; I just loved it. You are definitely an inspiration for all the bloggers (including me, just started blogging), you are hardworking and dedicated towards your blog. All I want to say is that you are doing great and wish you all the best!

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