When I first started blogging, I had no idea that there were other teenage bloggers out there. Today, I am fortunate enough to have connected with many other teen bloggers. When I read through their blogs, I am consistently awed at the insight that fellow teenagers share. I love becoming inspired by other teenagers, and this is why I am so excited to officially announce the Teens Tell Their Story project!

Teens Tell Their Story is a project that the lovely Caitlin and I have collaborated on, and we can’t wait to get it started! Our goal for the project is to create an online space for teens to express their thoughts about issues that affect them and to grow that space into an inclusive and supportive community. You don’t have to be a blogger to join – we have a Google+ page where you can use your gmail account!

The project will start on July 20th, and essentially every week we will have a new topic or prompt for you to discuss and blog about. Caitlin and I will alternate making example posts for each topic on our individual blogs, so make sure you’re following both of us! Our vision is that after summer is over we can continue posting occasional prompts to continue the discussions.

This is a great opportunity for any teens out there to write and discuss what matters to you. We will be featuring great posts, so you can gain traffic to your blog from that, and we may even have a few friendly competitions!

To join the project, you should be a teenager (as the name of the project suggests). However, if you’re not a teen and you still want to make your voice heard about a subject, or share your thoughts from when you were a teen, please join in! To sign up, email Caitlin or I (alittledaydreamer01@gmail.com, sherinaspeaks@gmail.com) or comment below. Let us know your name, age, blog URL (if you don’t have one, that’s fine!), and any other social media your blog is on.


We’re super excited about #teenstelltheirstory, and can’t wait to hear YOUR story! We also have an awesome logo for the challenge, so if you sign up feel free to display it on your blog! For more updates about the project, follow Caitlin and I on Twitter! @alildaydreamer @sherinaspeaks